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Dear Festividder!

Thank you so much for offering to make me a vid!

I will have you know that if you've offered these fandoms then I have every faith in any vid you would like to make for these sources. I've chosen them largely because I want to see vids to them and am less interested in dictating what those vids should be... other than that I'd like them to be awesome.

Last year I made a video previewing the sources, this year I've made gifsets to give you an idea of the kind of visuals in the sources.

:: See all the gifsets on Tumblr ::

If you're wondering what some of the sources are, I've included some very brief statements below hinting at what I like about these that could guide your muse or pique your interest.

edit: Upon discovering how difficult it is to get a copy of Boardinghouse these days, I've swapped it for It Follows.

A Girl Walks Alone At Night

A visually stunning and fascinating vampire movie that is out of time and place. Do anything with this that you like.

It Follows

Something ominous, of course :)

A Tale of Two Sisters

I love this movie, though it offers a particular challenge to a vidder because it's so complex. There's a lot you can do with the tragedy aspects or the mental health aspects... anything really.

Flash Gordon

I love a campy Dino De Laurentis-produced Sci-fi movie and the costumes and effects in this one are especially delightful. Ham it up.


Kurosawa does Lear and mixes in a whole bunch of other Shakespeare while he's at it. He also seemingly controls the weather. Something dramatic and poignant seem right here.

The Host (Gwoemul)

A monster vid, a family vid, a character vid... all would make me very happy. Capturing the dark comedy may be tricky but that would be fun too.


As long as it's really messed up, you can do whatever you want here. Lay on the metaphors and sexual confusion and it'll be golden.

Kingdom of the Spiders

I'm actually arachnophobic... but I still really want to see a vid where Shatner is covered in actual spiders. Is that so much to ask for?

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