Ian Roberts (absolutedestiny) wrote,
Ian Roberts

Vividcon 2006 Premieres Show Vids

So for this year, I had two videos that I edited in the Premieres show. The first I did in a mad rush the weekend before the deadline (taking a break from my auction vid) and the second I did waaaaaaaay back at the end of last year.

Vid: There is Too Much Light In This Bar
Footage: Life on Mars
Song: There is Too Much Light In This Bar by Wammo

download here - AbsoluteDestiny-TooMuchLightInThisBar.avi (42mb divx)

I'd rather not actually talk about what this vid is about but suffice to say it's a non-spoilery mix of serious and comic with themes of disorientation and sex.

Vid: Alice in Wonderland
Footage: Labyrinth
Song: Alice in Wonderland by John Moschitta (part of 10 classics in 10 minutes)

download here - AbsoluteDestiny-AliceInWonderland.avi (15mb divx)

This vid was done as a challenge. I asked tzikeh to give me a song to vid because I just wanted to vid any old thing for practice. She gave me this one. A few hours later I completed this vid. We then figured that we really liked these little one minute shorts and decided that doing a few more would be good and that they could help lighten the mood at the premieres show. Hence, Grapes of Wrath and Robin Hood.</lj>
Tags: myvids

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